Electric Shock Training Collar for Dogs

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  • Main Color : Black
  • Type : Electric Dog Collor
  • Features : Operates on a single long life,6 volt alkaline battery .The biggest voltage is 13V, when shocking
  • Material : Plastic, Stainless steel
  • Capacity : Shock Capacity 2000 Times
  • Operating Voltage : Standard 6 Volt Battery
  • Control Method : Vibration & Ultrasonic
  • Effect : Effective Dogs 5 Pound to 150 Pound
  • LED Indicators : Red Indicator LED Light
  • Standby Time : 45 Days


The Terminator-V first applies a warning tone followed by progressively increasing tone and shock as your dogs barking persists.It will enter the sleep staye automatically after Shocking your dog Several times ,so that won??t hurt your dog, if your dog is quiet for 60s or more, the collar resets to the mildest correction level. In this way, your pet needs only to experience the higher shock levels a few times before learning that the mild sound and shock stimulus is a warning of stronger corrections to come. Your pet will quickly learn to SHUT UP at the mild correction without having to suffer the more intense stimulus. We have found this technique of progressively increasing sound and shock is not only more humane, It??s more EFFECTIVE in breaking the barking habit than conventional shocking bark control collars.

Electgric Shock E-Collar Bark Terminator-V

Features :

  • Humane uses painless tone followed by shock only if barking persists.
  • Automatically increases tone and Shock as barking persists.
  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Operates on a standard 6 volt battery.
  • Voice Recognition feature minimizes false triggering.
  • Extremely small and light weight.
  • Operates on a single long life,6 volt alkaline battery .The biggest voltage is 13V, when shocking
  • Effective on dogs from 5 pounds to 150 pounds.
  • Effective on dogs weighing as much as 150 pounds or more.
  • APSD-Automatic Power Saving Mode. More than 2000 times shock, and stand by more than 45 days.
  • Note : There is a button which is not for adjusting the volume. It is for adjusting the sensibility of the collar. The led light on the device will light up if the dog barks loud enough. The additional light in the package is for testing the power of the battery. This collar is for the dogs over weight 20 pounds. Not for small dogs (under 20 lbs), please activate the light by voice test.
  • Package Includes :

    • 1 X Anti-bark Dog Training Collar
    • 1 X Test Light
    • 1 X Battery

    Note : No retail package to save the cost and protect environment.

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    Try putting the batteries into the remote first. After you put in the batteries for the receiver, there should be a blinking red light. Immediately press down on the vibrator on the remote and hold it until the receiver is a solid red light and starts vibrating. I had the same problem with both my receivers. But after a few tries it works
    It should. Try only using the vibrate at first. only use the shock if you absolutely must. The shock does scare them but the vibration does too. The vibration is a good warning do it 2 or 3 times before you even think about shocking. my dog is about 8 pounds. I dont have to use the shock hardly ever.
    Dont know about interference but I bought one 6 months ago for one of my 12 lb. cats. At its smallest length, the collar was still to large. I just folded over part of the collar and rubber banded it to fit. Works great! Only had to use the shock 4 times to correct the bad behavior
    I dont think you can actually turn off the shock without taking the remote apart and possibly disconnecting the wiring or circuit board. There are seperate shock and vibration buttons on the remote and the vibration works well on my dog. I have actually never shocked him.
    I was just playing around on mine and I dont have any green lights, only red. I kind of think that maybe when I first used it there was a green light when I programmed it but I cant say for sure. My colar has a red light and the remote has a red light. Sorry Im not much help