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  • Modulator : High Quality UHF Modulator
  • Remote Control : Infrared Return Remote Control Capability on RF Outputs
  • Expandable ? : Yes expandable to 3 Using a Splitter & Without a Power Supply
  • Power Status Indicator : Yes
  • Uses of i/O Link : Used with the new Sky+ HD boxes & Sky HD multi-room boxes. These boxes no longer have RF2 outlets
  • Advantages of i/O Link : Allows you operate a sky eye to view and control the sky box from another room,Has the ability to add on an external power unit for longer runs


Sky IO-LINK or LINK for SkyHD:

  • The IO-LINK creates a TV-LINK enabled RF output for new SkyHD set-top boxes with no RF2 output.
  • Once installed the IO-LINK can be connected to an in-home distribution system for viewing at multiple TV locations.
  • Specifically designed for use with TV-Link (Magic Eye) products which allow you to watch and control your Sky box from another TV in your home.

Before you install your IO SYNC:

Ensure you have a coaxial cable linking between your SKY box and your second TV.

Installing your IO SYNC

  • Switch off the SKY STB and disconnect the mains plug.
  • Connect the IO SYNC directly to the IO port located on the back of the SKYSTB
  • Connect one end of the coaxial cable (female connector) to the RF out of the IO SYNC and the other (male connector) to your second TV.
  • Connect your aerial feed to the RF in a connector of the IO SYNC, if off air terrestrial is required.

Tuning your second TV

Perform either an auto or manual scan on your second TV as per your TV???s instructions to find your SKY STB's output (default Ch68)

Alternatively, change the SKY STB output channel by following the instructions below.

  • Press the SERVICES button on your Sky Remote Control.
  • Press the right arrow button on your Sky remote control (SETTINGS).
  • Press the down arrow button on your Sky remote control to highlight PICTURE.
  • Press 0 then 1 then the SELECT button and SETUP will be highlighted.
  • Press the right arrow button 3 times to highlight RF OUT.
  • Press the down arrow button and use the number buttons to change the channel number currently showing as channel 68(pre-set from the factory). Choose a channel between 21 & 69, the most common being 21, 26, 47, 69.
  • Press the down arrow button and use the right arrow button to change the RF Outlet Power Supply setting from OFF to ON.
  • Press the Green button to save the new settings and then press the Sky button to return to normal viewing.
  • Finish by returning to your second TV and performing a retune.

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This will take the power from the device which you are using with it.
Models are DRX890W DRX895W DRX595.
Ensure you have a coaxial cable linking between your SKY? box and your second TV.